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I think the idea of having fx parameters grouped with their associated plugin is a good one.

Two things come to mind that might make it difficult. The first is that if you did this, would it make rearranging plugins via your app difficult? And two, if you did then rearrange, the assigned midi controls (for track parameters) would change order and be confusing.

By this I mean that currently, you know that controller number 3 (for example) always controls the 3rd track parameter (going downwards) but if you rearrange, it will no longer be that way.

This assumes that you can rearrange plugins (which I really hope is possible as it's a big issue that the arrange page can't yet)

A simple solution here though could be that even if you reorder. The track parameters could have a unchanging number next to them to represent which track parameter number is associated with them. That would solve it I think
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