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Originally Posted by heda View Post
@musicbynumbers, what do you mean by meters being post fader? They are post fader. check the send to the hidden analysis tracks. it should be post-fader
Maybe it's because of my default but mine comes up as "pre-fader (Post-FX)" but an option to have the post side either this option or "Post-Fader (Post-pan)" would be amazing too so we can choose whether the fader effects the level.

It could be my default set up in prefs for new sends is breaking this?

Originally Posted by heda View Post
I can make an option to display only RMS, only EBUR128 or both.
RMS option displayes left and right channel RMS independently, while EBUR128 is just overall loudness for all the stereo signal. It can also be calculated for surround, if you modify the loudness preset with surround mode. The RMS meter is only for stereo.
I can see why you have it then because the stereo stuff is very handy!

An option to choose would be a good option if it's not too hard to do? The other option is maybe just a label for each meter (maybe sideways and greyed out behind the meter) and also to maybe have one of the meters either darker or lighter than the other. something like that

EDIT: I'm not sure about the hiding option really. You have the compressor meters there as well. I think just saying what they are and also a slight shade difference would be fine
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