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Great changes so far!

One small thing is the default RMS is 400. I can't remember off the top of my head but "600" keeps coming to mind as being related to the human ear (or maybe it was for "k-metering") but is there a reason for 400 at the moment?

The other thing was with the RMS panning indicator (which is super cool by the way!) does this have a high pass filter before it to get rid of any DC offset or even just low frequencies getting in the way or it being reflective of how we actually hear low freq sounds regarding localising them in space at above 300 HZ (or thereabouts)?

Perhaps there can be an option for a version that you can have a high pass on it (with a gain post maybe to normalise again after).

I might be thinking too deeply though as it does seem to work on most content so far! Maybe ignore me! lol
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