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Hi Xenakios,

Not sure how to tell anything anything TBH...

Anyway, I've been looking some more (whilst waiting for a response) and have noticed, for example :


The above instructs 'something' to Write a Marker. (It's from csurf_mcu.cpp)

[Edit2: The above is, I think, checking the state of the Shift key and then, depending on the value of Shift, either inserting a Mrker Region or Inserting a Marker. Handy.]

Then there is the following in csurf.h :

#define ID_INSERT_MARKER 40157

Problem 'might' be csurf.h only has a few of the Command Message Defines.

If there was a complete set of them I would try the ID_etc in the SendMessage command line for them.

Of course I could be barking up, completely, the wrong tree...

If I knew how, and where, this stuff needed to be added (and exactly what needed to be added) I'd add it, but I don't know any of that let alone if this is correct thinking...

Edit: But for sure - please explain how to "tell" the compliler/plugin that Main_OnCommand exists - and I'll try it...
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