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Thank you, Eugen!!!
Since months and years I try to get reaper to be a looping device, the coolest on the planet, but I'm stuck, because Midi latency is bad, when using midi controlled actions...
So I tried to understand super8 looper from reaper, which uses the buffer and has direct latency'free 'midicontrol, but it does not work, like I need it.

But now I see, that you have the potential to build something working...
All one would need is your script combined with some functions of super8:

First you hit a midi button sets the startpoint of recording, the second hit sets the end, calculates the tempo for arrangement, sets the time-selection for looping and then starts playing that loop in the arrangement...

After that, with some other footswitches one can create a whole song with just the reaper actions controlled by midi, but that can be done anyway. THE PROBLEM HAS ALLWAYS BEEN THE FIRST LOOP! But you could give the solution... :-)

Have I been able to explain myself, how gigantic the possibilities would be?

with best regards

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