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Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
are you kidding me!? AWESOME!
absolutely no kidding

There are a few features not shown in video (nothing overly special) - but the red rectangles that appear when you drag a parameter over another control - means if you drop it there it swaps the parameter to the new one.

You can fine tune all adjustable controls using shift. Ctrl will switch the control to it's default setting etc. All basic usability stuff. Alt clicking a control selects all controls in an imported strip. A strip can contain as many plugs as you like - then saved for recall elsewhere.

Oh I plan to add the ability to let you hover the mouse over a control and then control it from a midi controller (as there is no apparent way of getting at the midi input stream - this seemed like a useful compromise).

If there's anything you haven't seen but would like considered - let me know.

I guess it will be easier when I release it.
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