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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
Hi hopi,

Not too long - a few things to tidy up and if all goes to plan - I hope it will only be a matter of a few days to a week.

Note however - that the nice knobs come straight from knobman3d - and i didn't create those - so I may not be able to provide them with the script. I should probably give a few varieties of each control type (knobs/sliders/meters/2 state buttons) with the script - but I'm not a designer and they probably won't look that great.

If any one is a dab hand at using knobman or knobman3d or similar and would like to supply some - then that might speed up the release Currently my script uses vertical stitching - ie. each new frame under the previous frame. ideally 100 frames per knob for smooth operation. The script 'should' be able to cope with different numbers of frames though although it's primarily untested.

thanks ... I do look forward to it

I've prolly made more than my share of knobs with knobman

so I assume you are using the exported .png stack for your knobs, yes?

can you tell us a bit about how the script uses the various knobs? In other words, is there a folder or the like where all possible knobs reside as .png files?

I know myself and others here are quite familiar with Knobman [btw, that seems like such a contradiction in terms for a name... I thought only women had 'knobs'... ] ...anyway, I'm more than sure there could be a slew of new knob contributions in short order. Personally you can find some of my knobs used in my skins for Nebula's GUI....
Also btw, while working with those projects I got into knobs with a much higher number of frames, precisely for smoother operations.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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