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Originally Posted by Sju View Post
I think the problem is with the maybe a bit ambiguous thread title and the fact that you posted it on the JSFX sub. A sexy title, big screenshot and a thread on the general forum should get a lot more attention, because the script is fucking great. Unfortunately haven't had time to play with it myself due to being very busy right now, but definitely don't give up on that one. This new script also seems like an awesome piece of work, so thank you!
ah maybe - I guess I've just spent most of my recent weeks scouring this sub-forum for solutions... I thought this was where all script talk happened!! Still - I'm happy to keep it low key just for now. I haven't time to answer too many questions, and the fewer people using it might mean the fewer bugs are spotted!! (disclaimer - I try to fix all bugs I find in testing - there's only one outstanding b*stard of a bug in Chaos Engine that I've found so far that has gone unfixed - but I'll look into it soon and it's not a show stopper really)
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