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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
Yep - just confirmed this will be pretty easy to add so should be able to include in first beta version...
Ok - this is done. Nice aand simple - works well - although currently I've used the gfx.showmenu command which will freeze script graphics updates (so modulated parameters will appear to stop until you make a selection in the menu (in reality - the lfos etc will still run underneath - just my script gfx updates will freeze)).

I will look into making my own menu which will not freeze my graphics updates and just look neater (should be pretty straightforward ) But might wait for a future update as I'm keen just to polish off what I have and time is limited.

Just an added note: having loads of modulated parameters on single strips will drive the graphics processing up a touch as more controls need redrawing constantly. It's not dreadful (only talking a % or 2 for about 15 controls all going on the same strip) - and hopefully shouldn't effect playback at all (as i think the graphics are run in a separate thread) - gfx might get choppy if you manage to overload the cpu though. unable to test at the moment. but overall - still hitting under 5% with constantly redrawing 15+ controls. without modulation runs around 1-2% (overall - not just my script!!) this is on my laptop - reckon my desktop will be much better too.

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