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Originally Posted by Vincent Sermonne View Post
Waow !!! Thank's a lot, is great work !
some littles questions:
how to bring up the meter view ?
how to have others knobs ?

At the moment - adding meters will require using dpMeter2 from TBProAudio which can be added to the chain and actually exposes the meter values. This currently is limited to EBU/RMS type readings - but hopefully the author of dpMeter2 (who has entered this thread) can be convinced to add Peak and M/S etc readouts.

Anyway - you can then add the meter readouts to the strips. I forgot to create/add a meter control to the controls folder - so will do so when I get a mo - but anyone can create one using Knobman (or other similar) software.

Adding your own controls was explained further up the thread on page 1. You need to add the control image file (usually a PNG image) to the controls folder. This should be stacked vertically (knobman lets you do this). Then each control should have an associated .knb file (a simple text file like:


which describes the necessary information for my script to use the control. Look in the Scripts/LBX/LBXCS_resources/Controls folder to see what I have there by default.

If you simply meant how to use different controls that I have supplied with the script - when you select a control (or multiple controls) in FX PARAM edit mode - click (or right-click) the control image in the CTL OPTIONS box to scroll through the available control types. You can mouse wheel through the controls too. When you find one you want to use - click the SET button and all selected controls will change to that control image.

Hope this helps.
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