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Originally Posted by Sju View Post
Exciting stuff!

Testing this now and ran into a bug I think:

I'm editing the strip layout and trying to modify the "VAL OFF" parameter. Instead it causes the slider above it to move, but doesn't move anything in the graphics window. Mousewheel works though.

EDIT: also, the gray knob with the orange outline disappears when near the max value. Maybe the last frame of the knob stack graphics is missing?

Then a little feature request did I mention this one already though?

Anyway, it'd be great if you could manipulate several parameters with one knob? Like for example I'd like to increase the "Saturation" parameter in JS: Saturation, and at the same time decrease the volume in a trim plugin placed after it, to create automatic gain adjustment. It'd be even better if you could create custom curves and limits for these adjustments in relation to the strip knob position.

Sorry if I'm repeating myself but I think this would be some really _really_ good stuff to have. Cheers!
Thanks for the bug reports - I found out about the VAL OFF one this morning - doh - should be an easy fix.

Now I don't get the knob disappearing when turned all the way to the max.

Would you mind trying this.

open the script code and go to the line 1566 which reads - local val2 = F_limit...

on the blank line after this (line 1567) could you add: DBG(val2)

Then rerun the script. Now each time you turn a control it will show you the val of val2 in the msg window. Could you turn the knob to where the graphic disappears and post the value of val2 at this point.

Also - what computer system are you on? (as I don't have this bug on my windows systems)
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