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Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
This is so awesome! thank you! looky looky what I have here !

Not sure is it a bug or not yet implemented but when you remove the strip the old vst remains and the new one is added when adding strip.
And a feature I would love to have is set a default strip,so when changing track you don't need to add but its the same for all tracks (invisible add)

and when turning a knob all the way to a max knob dissapears, at least with minimum size knobs
Please see my previous reply regarding the disappearing knob. What system are you on?

Regarding default strip - will try to think of a neat (unobtrusive) way of doing this.

Regarding the VST remaining when you remove a strip. I thought it best to perhaps leave this to be manually removed - but maybe an ask whether to remove associated plugin option needs to be there?
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