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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
Thanks for the bug reports - I found out about the VAL OFF one this morning - doh - should be an easy fix.

Now I don't get the knob disappearing when turned all the way to the max.

Would you mind trying this.

open the script code and go to the line 1566 which reads - local val2 = F_limit...

on the blank line after this (line 1567) could you add: DBG(val2)

Then rerun the script. Now each time you turn a control it will show you the val of val2 in the msg window. Could you turn the knob to where the graphic disappears and post the value of val2 at this point.

Also - what computer system are you on? (as I don't have this bug on my windows systems)
Like your eq by the way Are you using the black squares as buttons? you could make them light up if you were to edit the knob file. Those squares where meant to be value only display controls (so you position the value over the top of the control and it makes it look neat). There are some circular buttons (that light up) if you want them (then you can do away with the on/off label).
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