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Not sure what you're after but we can currently do the following with SendMessage:

40157 Markers: Insert marker at current posiiton
40160 Markers: Go to marker 10
40161 Markers: Go to marker 1
40162 Markers: Go to marker 2
40163 Markers: Go to marker 3
40164 Markers: Go to marker 4
40165 Markers: Go to marker 5
40166 Markers: Go to marker 6
40167 Markers: Go to marker 7
40168 Markers: Go to marker 8
40169 Markers: Go to marker 9
40171 Markers: Insert and/or edit marker at current position
40172 Markers: Previous marker/project start
40173 Markers: Next marker/project end
40174 Markers: Insert region from time selection
40256 Markers: Insert time signature /tempo change marker at edit cursor
40338 Markers: Time signature measure from time selection
40420 Markers: Remove all markers from time selection
40589 Locking: set marker locking mode
40590 Locking: clear marker locking mode
40591 Locking: toggle marker locking mode
40592 Locking: set time signature marker locking mode
40593 Locking: clear time signature marker locking mode
40594 Locking: toggle time signature marker locking mode
40613 Markers: Delete marker near cursor
40614 Markers: Edit marker near cursor
40615 Markers: Delete region near cursor
40616 Markers: Edit region near cursor
40617 Markers: Delete time signature marker near cursor
40618 Markers: Edit time signature marker near cursor

Don't know if that helps you?

REAPER? Oh yes...
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