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Originally Posted by Shan View Post
What would be a good starting point for a newbie to add a few new actions or two? I'm an intermediate developer with the AHK scripting language and also the audio programming language called Csound...and I use to input hex values on tiny LCD hardware synth displays back in the day, which was quite the PITA.

The insert random Ninjam Loop example in the SDK served me well, I've furiously built my code over it in the past couple of months...

It demonstrates how to add new menu entries to the Reaper menu, how to create a simple win32 dialog and handle it's messages, how to import and use the Reaper Extension API functions from Reaper and probably some other points as well...

I could probably make my own source code public if it wasn't such a horrendous mess that would confuse the hell out of anyone looking at it...
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