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Originally Posted by mpl View Post
Try to put SWS: Disable master/parent send on selected track(s) into custom action before executing my script

After some hardcore diggin into send src/dest channels definition in ReaperAPI I hope now it finally should support multichannel routing, see mpl_Send Tracks/Menu/Allow multichannel sends. Channel count must be even number from 2 to 64 (as you can see in routing window), otherwise it fails to get proper source.
Thank You! I just donated to your paypal.

I tried the new version of Send Tracks and it's working great. A few minor things that would be nice to add/fix if you have time:

-If I resize the matrix to be smaller there are some glitches with the gui. The problem fixes itself if I close then re-run the script, so it's not a huge deal:

-It won't create stereo sends with "non-standard" channel pairings (where the first channel of a pair is an even number). For multi-channel sends this works fine though

-I think it'd be helpful if there was a button to clear the matrix.
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