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Originally Posted by kawa_ View Post
wow, I did not notice these posts. and many thanks about my mod version.

sorry, my very delayed reply.
I added option "IS_USE_AUTOFIT" in script header. this option may make useful your help. ( maybe..?

updated version :

thank you for report! i got that behavior. and i agree 100%. if this will be work/support in > 32 chennels, it is very good things.
my mod version was already merged some mods, and my mod scripts is seems to be confusing ( in inner of source ).
as one of ways, i thought it may be better rewrite from zero.

i think i would like to use your script until someday i rewrite this matrix scripts.
thank you for your works!

(if my English is wrong or misreading , sorry my english skill is far away still
You're very welcome to use my version of the routing matrix - although I have only incorporated it as a small extension to my Stripper script - so it's really just a small part of a bigger project - which may or may not be suitable for your needs. I haven't released the version of Stripper containing the routing matrix but will do in the next few days (a few more things to tweak).

However - if you just want the routing matrix script without everything else in Stripper- I can edit your version later to make it work with all 64 channels if you prefer.

Many thanks again.
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