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Default ReaLauncher

Hello to all fellow Reaper users and welcome to the ReaLauncher discussion thread!

What's ReaLauncher?

ReaLauncher is basically a custom Lua-based version of the default Reaper startup prompt window with additional features.
Powered by Lokasenna's GUI library for Lua (see link in the 'Install instructions' below). So also a big thanks to Lokasenna for his work!

Although I'm currently testing things mainly under Windows 10, macOS 10.10.5 (Yosemite) and Linux (64-bit), I'd like to point out that this a 'work in progress' project.
So if anyone encounters or finds any bugs, errors, etc. please let me know including some basic info like:
  • Operating system version / Reaper version / A short description of the issue (when is it happening & what is happening)

Feature overview:
  • Linux, macOS & Windows support
  • Separate tabs for Recent Projects, Project Templates, Track Templates, Projects and .RPL Project Lists
  • Support for custom Project & Track Template folders (used in addition to the default locations)
  • List filter at the top of each tab (supports multiple search words separated with a 'space' character)
  • [Show in Explorer/Finder] button for browsing to the folder location of a selected file
  • Global section with [New Tab], [New Project] and [Open Project] buttons
  • Selection and loading of multiple entries (multi-select of listbox entries is already part of Lokasenna's GUI library)
  • File paths can be shown/hidden
  • 'Keep window open' checkbox
  • Option to switch between Reaper Theme Slots (requires SWS Extensions)
  • Resizeable window

Install instructions:
  1. Install Lokasenna's GUI library for Lua via ReaPack. More info in the 'Installation' section in post #1:
  2. Install ReaLauncher via ReaPack.
  3. Have fun!

Optional settings to show ReaLauncher on startup:
  • Setting the command ID/identifier string (shown in the Action List) of the Script: solger_ReaLauncher.lua Action as SWS Startup Action (via the Extensions > Startup actions menu) - requires SWS Extensions.
  • Preferences > General: Open project(s) on startup: Selecting [New project] (instead of the [Prompt] option which shows the default Reaper startup prompt window)


Tips & Tricks:

It's possible to select multiple list entries via:
  • Shift + Left Mouse Click: Selection of adjacent list entries
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Left Mouse Click: Selection of non-adjacent list entries
  • Loading a single list entry is also possible via Double-Click

Shortcuts for loading projects with FX Offline:
  • Holding Ctrl + Shift (Windows & Linux)
  • Holding Cmd + Shift (macOS)
  • Or using the 'Open with FX offline' option in the [Open Project] window

[Recent Projects] tab: removing a selected list entry or clearing the entire recent projects list is possible via the Right-Click menu options:
  • Remove entry
  • Clear list


Release notes:

2019-01-30 - v1.0.1 - temporary removal of subversion filter due to further bugfixing & testing
2019-01-28 - v1.0.0 -
2018-08-18 - v0.1.6 -
2018-08-09 - v0.1.5 -
2018-07-23 - v0.1.4 -
2018-07-15 - v0.1.3 -
2018-07-11 - v0.1.2 - fixed issue with empty lists, filter is now automatically applied when typing
2018-07-08 - v0.1.1 - changed filter and sort function structure, last window position is now remembered
2018-07-07 - v0.1.0 - first version released for public beta testing

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