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Hi Everyone!! I'm coming back to reaper and making music after more than a year, but instead of that, can't stop fiddling with all the new scripts and goodies you awesome guys make! Too much new stuff to try, it seems a year is a lot in reaper world...
Some things i found trying the fx chain visualizer stuff.

For Kawa:
The mod has a strange behavior on my reaperx32 v5.95 pre7. It docks the script but shows nothing. But if i minimize reaper, and come back, all the GUI appears. Had no clue what's happening.

On the side, there are no version of this mod in reapack isn't? I can find it in there.

For Eugene: It seems that the 1.0 version in reapack has problems showing renamed fx.

And thanks all of you for your wonderful contributions!!

PD: Maybe off topic, but why there are no moded scripts in reapack? A lot of good stuff is missing that way. It seems, at least to me, a good idea to add a "Moded"category to it, don't you think?
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