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I'm using this script right now in a project and I have to admit it is really really handy for alignong samples which are far apart on the project ! Awesome !
A bit CPU intensive if you monitor a lot of track though (like 15) but usable.
For public release, it would still need button I think.


I made another epxeriment based on the code, but with source peaks with time:

The idea is to visually display what section of a source the item use, and even show the overlapps of sections usage if multiple items with same section selected.

It's a bit rough for public release though, it doesn't support take rate, stretch markers, loops, section etc, it is just the basic I needed (take start offset and item length, all the rest is standard).

Very useful if you want to check that you didn't use the same pieces of audio of a soundtrack too many times !

(I made a script for that, one of my early scripts, but I think it is a bit broken, and less handy than real time preview)
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