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Excuse me for posting here but i don't know a better place to ask something specifically about the cycle actions editor.

What i'm trying to do in Cycle actions editor is to mimic the behaviour of Cubase where i can toggle 2 actions with a key.But specifically when i toggle the actions, i want them to get armed so i can trigger them with the mouse click.

In the cycle actions editor i tried the following steps. On top i added toggle arm of next action,then the first action i want to arm..
Then a step and again toggle arm of next action and after that the second action i want to arm..

But each time i toggle the next action with a key it triggers the action and doesn't arm it.

Am i doing something wrong or it's not possible yet to do this with the cycle actions editor?
Maybe the action Toggle arm of next action isn't yet recognised from the cycle actions editor?

I think this would be very useful to have for multiple actions and would save a lot of space on the toolbars.

Thanks a lot in advance!! (and sorry for my poor English)

Edit: If there is a better place in the forum to ask about it i 'd be happy to post there and delete this post here.

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