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@ Sexan :
I find it's a pity to spend time, energy and wasted scripting skills to reproduce features from crappy software that are 20 years behind schedule and slow down the evolution of workflows in general. In fact, these features are requested by many people BECAUSE they became habits. But, like all habits, it is sometimes smart to ask the question of whether they are still relevant. For this feature, the answer is clearly no. It will not bring anything more than what REAPER already offers. I feel like repeating myself every time, but using a software is also understanding his philosophy and the philosophy of reaper is to go to the simplest, as quickly as possible. With equal skills and habits, RPR is very, very far away, the fastest software for editing. Most of you will not agree, but it's just because the habits taken directly (or indirectly) in other DAWs keepin you "in the box". In short, you seem to be a talented programmer, I think you should devote your time to new things rather than trying to transform a ferrari into a Toyota

PS: I think we're on a typical case of :P :

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