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I never requested area selection and by no mean I felt it was missing, but I can see where it can be useful, and not only for pro tools users.

It doesn't bring something new, it bring other method (input) to get similar results.

Take the script just above (especially the envelope one), with non continuous section to delete, and different tracks (but not always the same between the sections)

WIth regular reaper workflow, you'll have to
  1. clic select track (or items for the items workflow)
  2. make time selection
  3. press delete key
  4. repeat step 1, 2 and 3 untill completion
With area selection
  1. make selection
  2. repeat step 1 if needed
  3. press delete key (once)
So in the end you have less key to press: 1 for all sections, against one for every section. And no need to care about track selection.

I personnally try to avoid click and drag as much as possible because of hand tension, so I rather Split + Delete (for items) than making time selection to delete sections. Another different input possibility

And because this area selection is scriptable, in the end it may have features unique to REAPER :P It's good than Sexan is exploring this.

Anyway, don't worry there is still plenty of others talented scripters working on other things :P
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