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Originally Posted by Reno.thestraws View Post
They did not copy, they innovated and are, for a good part, the origin of feature that made REAPER what it is today
And that's exactly what all scripters, do. You know that! People catch stuff from other DAWs, not because they want to copy it, but because they want to improve it. Most features from DAWs come from intrinsic motivation, because there is a certain need for a workflow. And some functions became basically "common sense" over the time. Like working with an item based system. No one would ever think: oh geez, get rid of items: Cubase, Logic, PT and Live already use them!

I'm constantly writing scripts for note and CC manipulation (hence my signature). All these scripts were inspired by my workflow and not by my previous DAW. That's stuff that I would really have loved in Cubase, but it wasn't possible, due to Cubase' limitations.

It's like you said: a woodwheel is a woodwheel, we don't need to re-invent it. But we can improve it (change the material for less friction, etc...).
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