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Originally Posted by Reno.thestraws View Post
there's an option To automatically create AI when using enveloppe...


from a guy trying to turn reaper into a copy of Ableton, it's hilarious.

[off topic] why the hell the other daws refugees always think that their old shitty software is the THE TRUTH and so RPR need to copy it... It was funny to read the trolls in 2013 but now it become very, very, very annoying
This misses the whole point. If this looks like trolling to you I would respectively say that you're being stubborn and closed minded. It's hardly trolling. I don't think my other DAWs are THE TRUTH, but selection is a facet where some have it over Reaper's and I welcome this.

You say you don't need area selection but I don't need Reaper's ability to do so many ultra niche wonders of programming and customizability that I would never use if it doesn't do a simple thing that I do want from a DAW in a sensible, fast workflow compatible way that isn't a 90% solution. To say that Reaper can't possibly have its usefulness improved for many by functions such as this is like that Reaper has every function, feature and usability one could ever need, including anything on any other DAW, where everything's so shitty only fools bother with them.

Just ain't the case.

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