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Finally! Great addition Sexan! This feels like Reaper 6 almost :P

My humble suggestion from me, as i mentioned in the other thread, its about folder tracks. It would be really useful if we could use this to manipulate the contents of a folder track, but from its fully collapsed view. That means we dont have to open the folder to drag the area on the subtrack´s items, but just doing it on the master folder track would select and split all of the items.

X-Raym put it nicely: "This would allow selecting items right from the folder faintpeak... interesting. Not sure how useful it can be but... interesting ^^"

Its amazing how everybody uses a software on their own way, cause to me the application is damn obvious:

-you get a trailer to add sound to with 2 versions: a 1m and a 30sec version
- You do the 1m length version first and add different folders for foley, vo, environment sfx, tonal sfx, etc.
- Once you are done you do the 30s version which contains some edits from bits and pieces of the longer 1m version. Some of this bits are identical so you can reuse what you just did for the longer version.
- You´ll use this rectangle tool select whole folder bits, or some of them, and ctrl+drag the desired parts to the 30s version on the right (i´d keep both trailer versions in the same project -1m version would be first region, and 30s the second one.

Makes sense?
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