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Thank you Sexan! it's quite amazing! you are brave ! i still didn't try but just by looking and just in case ... i would like to throw some ideas or thoughts that i am sure you are aware, but just in case:

- Make the ranges fallow grid setting so that example: if grid is on bar , .. range selections follow this rule and dimension.

- maybe make a way so the infomation gathered by your script can be consumed by other scripts... basically a Lib, so that all the ranges available in each tracks can be reused by third parties .. todo whatever craziness : )

Also things like:
- Area selection -> Insert AIs
- Area selection -> Duplicate (AI and/or MI)
- Area selection -> Duplicate pooled (AI and/or MI)
- Area selection -> Select contained items(AI and/or MI)
- Area selection -> Select exclusively contained items (AI and/or MI)
- Area selection -> Glue (AI and/or MI)
- Area selection -> Group (AI and/or MI)
- Area selection -> Delete (AI and/or MI)

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