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Under which license does ReaPack live?
And is it ok, if I add it to the installation-package of our Ultraschall-Podcast extension?
I want to integrate ReaPack in a way, that new users can download updates of Ultraschall without having to install ReaPack first by hand, as many of our users are not familiar enough with that.

And some other things, how difficult would it be to add an action, that allows automatic-closing of the dialogs? I would love to build an installer for our updater, and would love to put e.g. the "new extension installed"-dialog into it so the UI stays consistent.
I could do this via a hack using Julian's extension, but would want to avoid that.

And, is there a way to get somehow the errors happening, the last time ReaPack has synchronized? Would love to be able to deal with errors happening.
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