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Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
Under which license does ReaPack live?
And is it ok, if I add it to the installation-package of our Ultraschall-Podcast extension?
I want to integrate ReaPack in a way, that new users can download updates of Ultraschall without having to install ReaPack first by hand, as many of our users are not familiar enough with that.
LGPL v3. I don't mind having a copy of ReaPack included in a free installation package. If ReaPack can be useful pre-packaged that way, then that's great!

Originally Posted by DaveKeehl View Post
Hi, I just started doing some scripts in lua for reaper and I wanted to know how I can add my own github repo to be used inside ReaPack. Can someone help me?

This is my repo:
The easiest way is to use the package editor at to upload to the stock ReaTeam repositories.

If you prefer managing and promoting your own repository, then check out reapack-index and the index format documentation.

Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Just to make sure, all of these would require changing my current repo import link and all users to update it in ReaPack?
That's right. Though there's also the possibility of moving the code instead of moving the index (eg. to an unrelated branch)... but that may end up being more confusing than useful.

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