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That does look like a bug in iplug's handling of the kIsProgramChange parameter. For nofish's plugin, when trying to set the (say) 7th program, REAPER first calls plainParamToNormalized(7) to see if the plugin does something sensible. In this case, that function returns 7, which isn't normalized. This is sort of a bug, but can be worked around by REAPER, which sets the parameter to 0.875, because it's the 7th program of 8 total. The plugin accepts this and changes its parameters.

Separately, REAPER regularly polls the plugin to see what it thinks its program is set to, because many plugins support their own internal preset system. This plugin always responds that its kIsProgramChange parameter is set to zero, which is definitely a bug, so on the next poll, REAPER says OK fine and sets the dropdown back to the first program.

I'm going to move this thread to the WDL users forum.
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