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Originally Posted by Winfield View Post
This looks great - thanks for sharing!

I've only played with it for a minute, so perhaps I'm missing something but the 'over knob' (below the master) don't respond well to mouse drag - it moves very jumpy, if at all. I'm on W10 if that's of relevance.

It's supposed to be jumpy, since it's the oversampling knob. It only has a discrete number of settings. But it shouldn't be finicky, so I will have a look at it

Originally Posted by heda View Post
Squashman is great! I was able to play with it a bit today. Very amazing! I still need to understand all the parameters.

Originally Posted by heda View Post
maybe a bug? :
If I automate frequency parameter, for example Frequency 1, then other frequency splits also move. But if I drag Frequency 1 with the mouse in the plugin window, then only Frequency 1 moves, which is what I wanted.
Well, this is maybe a design issue. The frequencies are relative to the previous bin, to make sure that they stay in order. So this behavior is more or less expected. Are there cases where youŽd want to automate the frequencies?
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