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Sure. Not near reaper to take a screen capture yet but I'll try and be more detailed below

I mean reaper's loop region at the top of the arrange page that actually is using for looping/cycling whilst playing in the arrange area.

If you were able to show exactly what you've done for the end and start of an item but instead, show the end and start of the summed items on the selected tracks at the point at which the loop regions end and start that would be super useful.

That way, the user could adjust the loop region at top of arrange and in real-time be able to see (and more importantly "hear") whether the selected area is looping well.

then, you adjust the items start and end to match the loop area.

This is much more intuitive then trying to first do this soley on the item level as you then have to set loop region to the item to hear it.

Also, most of the time, when doing say ambience SFX loops (for games), you are often mixing multiple tracks at once to get the right feel so being able to see a sum of these at the top of the screen zoomed into the loop points is super useful.

If that isn't clear though, let me know and I'll do a diagram when I've got time and back in the studio.
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