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edit: check latest MappingPanel
I recently start working on something similar to suggested concept, it is kinda like MappingPanel, but slightly limited (no formulas), but easier to setup and more 'native' as reascript haters like saying. Automable and no persistent/backgroud reascript needed.

Mapping Panel is built based on last incoming parameter changes, which makes it useless if user closing ReaScript, in short - awful implementation.

What BryanChi ask is pretty complex (I`m not really a good scripter, but this is also complex for me too). So far I`ve came to scheme like that:
1) "master" JSFX with 10 macro sliders controlling 10 global memory entries
2) "slave" JSFXs shared on various tracks on project with hidden sliders linked to related FX parameters on same track
3) every "slave" JSFXs contains info about what slider it linked to, what scaling, limits, tension, mute/solo flags, invertion flag, maybe something else
4) links setted up via ReaScript (easier to deal with for end user)

Preliminary ReaScript GUI sketch:

If someone is also interested in this, donation is much appreciated (thanks BryanChi for donation btw).

If devs read this: it would be way less pain to code this if there would be an API for parameter link access (ideally for MIDI/OSC learn too, or at least related chunks). I know you don't like us to use chunking, but there is no way to do it otherwise!
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