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Just ended up here nearly a year later trying to solve the same issue again.

Thanks SPK77, that did the trick.

function ClearExistingSection()

  -- get item
    local item = reaper.GetSelectedMediaItem(0, 0)
  -- get item length
    if item ~= nil then
      local itemlen = reaper.GetMediaItemInfo_Value( item, "D_LENGTH" )
  -- get take
      local take =  reaper.GetActiveTake(item)
  -- get source file
      if take ~= nil then
        src =  reaper.GetMediaItemTake_Source( take )

  -- get section info
    local retval, offs, len, rev = reaper.PCM_Source_GetSectionInfo( src )
    if retval == true then -- If section exists turn section off


I needed to make sure that any previously existing sections were removed before adding a new one.

One thing to note, is that using reaper.Main_OnCommand(40547,1,0) twice in a row to disable the old and enable the new section didn't work. The effect would be that the section was removed, but a new one not added, presumably because the execution was too fast.

Moving the second reaper.Main_OnCommand(40547,1,0) to outside the function solved the issue.

Seems like a slight bug with the command.
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