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Yeah, I should have probably not called that one overdrive, since it folds back. I'll rename it at some point.

If you want smooth overdrive, it's probably best to go with tanh, rapid saturation or King of Tone. Overdrive is usually just soft clipping. I could add a few even softer clipping options too (atan comes to mind).

I just had a look at Witti's and it seems that he does a fairly rapid dynamic onset in his. For a single sine input it looks like a small attack. Maybe this sounds nice because it avoids distortion the pluckey high frequency part of the guitar. You could emulate that with an attack on the drive. It would be trivial to add Witti's

If you want a more amp-ey sound, go for the crossovers.

Edit: I would like to do a bit more elaborate pedal modelling, but I really need real pedal data for this.
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