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I don't see how to do a ramp up in REW.

Frequency response is easy, we're covered. Noise is easy, we're covered, but finding out when the distortion starts to happen really needs a ramp like in the included picture.

One of the things I really really want to be looking at, is whther there even is a magic spot in the gain where things start to crunch up. Ladt night I was doing some tests, and specifically referenced some quotes about what people say about these particular preamps, and thru testing, found absolutely nothing of the sort, quite the opposite in fact.

I'd like to be able to show that as a graph, instead of a long, rambling video, so we can directly compare apples to apples

But I guess, could I record some ramps and then maybe run the waveform in REW or something to get a graph?

I emailed DDMF to see if plugin doctor could be made to use something aside from 0dBFS

I have rightmark, but it doesnt have a ramping function that I can find.
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