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v0.58 - Phase matters

Actually, I just realized that the filter I was using to block the DC was really screwing up the phase in the low end.

This is problematic, since that means that while the frequencies stay the same, the actual shape of the wave changes.

So for example, a square shape becomes more peaky, which means that effects further down the road could then start shaving off those peaks again and changing the tone there.

Also, it would technically not be squashing!

Decided to go with a linear phase solution instead.

DC-fix 0 - No DC blocking
DC-fix 1 - New linear phase filter
DC-fix 2 - Old DC blocker

You can see on a scope what I mean, and why DC-fix 2 (the old one) was a poor solution to the problem.

Anyways... I'll make this part of the GUI in the future, and still have to add the latency compensation, but this is for tomorrow!
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