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Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
If you can reproduce it with something minimal it would be great (few tracks,only one/two types of items etc)

The problem is drawing has nothing to do whats on screen, it does not matter which tracks which items you have. Because when initial AS is created its only drawing from the coordinates from mouse and tracks. The AS info is gathered AFTER the AS is drawn and mouse is up.

What could it be is some of that tracks,items redraws something and hangs AS(51) so you see flicker.

One REALLY stupid question... can you try that on reaper Default Theme?

Anyway zones are almost ready (not hello kitty ones ) so next update will have lots of stuff
Okay, will try to create a very simple scenario! But I somehow fear it has to do with my config. Does the script already work on OSX? I could cross test it on my Mac.

Just checked, It's the same with the default theme.
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