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A combination of free item positioning and grouping would be my first suggestion airon. It's not entirely elegant but it would behave just like a stereo pair. It will be cool once several items can be grouped together into a single interrelated item. Until then we can try to corral these things together as best we can.

Regarding the omf translating, unfortunately the format is far from standardized. It's actually quite amazing that there aren't more (or mostly) negative reports since just about every omf exporting software does it differently. 404 is the new hero AFAIC.

Do you have any details to offer about your omf files filter303? Were they exported from PC or Mac, aif or wav file, 16 bit or 24 bit?

I have 2 omf files supposedly exported from the same video editor withing a week of each other and one opens while the other doesn't giving up an error about endianness. My suspicion is they used a different aif container on the one.
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