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Default Import / Export Utility

Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
AAF: Please see

AES31: Please see
Cool Edit Pro: Pleas see
Cubase: Please see
Nuendo: Please see
Open TL: (waiting on info from TASCAM)please see
Samplitude EDL (*.EDL): Supported Natively
Vegas EDL (*.TXT): Supported Natively
AATranslator currently support AES31, Samplitude/Reaper EDLs and Audition v3. The next version of AATranslator (due soon) should include the functionality to import OpenTL, Cubase (probably SX3, v4 & v5 - thanks Lawrence) as well as an 'Append Session' feature. The 'Append Session' function is intended for Adobe Audition but in a round about way you could append any supported daw to any other supported daw.

Vegas, PT5 and a host of others are planned.

This might be helpful until Reaper supports these formats natively.
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