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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Thanks Mike.

Also what would be handy is a wish list of particular API functions. Those sorts of wishes even have a chance of being granted (unlike, say, #5 above).
Dear Santa schwa,

My (ordered) wish list is:

- Something to validate chunk updates in a reliable way
==> EDIT: this was a REAPER bug fixed in v3.22

- allowing ReaProject* as 1st param for GetSetObjectState() (no need of attached tracks in the setted/getted chunks..)

- something to get a valid reaper_plugin_info_t *rec (or any alternative other way to register to Reaper's notif)

- LICE_IBitmap * b = GetPNGFromCurrentTheme("mcp_volthumb.png", NULL);
getting the user's current theme in a cross-plateform way would be cool for VSTs extension plugins
==> EDIT: no API update needed for that

- something to work within FX chains in a FX type independent way (VST, JS, Dx): main first needs: trigering REAPER's preset (then, FX's one) but also pin connection processing
==> EDIT July 2010: trigering REAPER's preset is doable

I stop here. I really think the two 1st ones would open many doors. I'd be happy only with them.

Other devs wishes I really agree with (ordered too):
- same as SWS: plugin_register("hookcommandex", hookCommandProcEx);
- same as padre_pc, klinke, yves: enhanced csurf notif, see (but forget what I said there: now, I know how to do almost everything I asked there)
- same as geoff: a way to enumerate the action list (I promise I won't do a parallèle learn system.. ;-)

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