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When a (python) script is running, none of the other shortcut keys work until that script exits (although running other scripts via the Actions window work).

A script with a GUI is usually executing an infinite loop until the user hits a close button of some sorts (or the script exits by itself). I've just tried running two GUI scripts at once. After I've ran the first script, the shortcut keys were not responding (as in ctrl-c, escape, F1-F12 buttons etc). I've opened the Actions window and tried executing other scripts. This will work, unless the other script is a GUI script as well. In that case, trying to run that second GUI script will leave Reaper completely frozen.

I think this is worth investigating if we're hoping to some day have GUI scripts running side-by-side. I've tested this with tkinter, and a commercial GUI library, with the same results on Reaper 3.2 and 3.21 beta.
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