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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
tbh i guess it is better now i have the 'remove selection' (not loop points) involved. need to get used to it some more before being sure,

sorry to confuse anyone - i really meant not really 'workflow' enhancing for me with loopoints linked, not as in broken. its all ok!

the main issue for me is when an item extends into the time selection (often) - you obviously can't split at the cursor, which is a bit unusual. and seems very hard to resolve/nay impossible with one action -

so how about something like this? (bit wild):

normally you would want to split/act at the cursor just after moving the cursor,
so if the action could 'check' if the edit cursor has changed position recently say within a (choosable) timescale -
e.g if cursor has not moved in the last X seconds then apply to selection, if it has then apply to edit cursor. OR somehow (told you it was wild) check if the cursor has moved since the creation of the time selection - if not its likely you want to apply to selectio, if it has, apply to cursor -
basically - last moved gets priority
edit: this would only be in the event of the edit cursor and time selection residing over the same item, to see who wins.

is that feasable?
Wow that would be wild but I agree it'd be useful in some situations.
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