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Default Question for SWS v1.7.1 #2 (April 3, 2010)

Hi Jeffos,
thanks for the addition to the new SWS-Extension.
The action "Toggle show FX chain window(s) for selected track(s)" is the one Iīm asking for, but it doesnīt work as I expected. The action works only when the main window has focus. Is it possible to toggle the fx chain window when it has the focus (is active)?
When I do my edits to the plug-ins, the fx chain window has focus. After my edits I want to close it with the same key. I use no plug-in floating windows, all plug-ins are in the fx-chain window. Iīve tried several other actions in combination to do this, but they didnīt do what I want. Can you look at it, please? Merci!
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