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SWS extensions update v1.7.1 #2 (April 3, 2010)

Tim updates:
- fixes for "Select next/prev track(s)", marker list selection
- Added actions:
• Metronome enable/disable

Jeffos updates: fixes and..
- Better behavior for "Build lane(s) for selected track(s)", see bellow
- Added actions:
• Remove empty MIDI take/item(s) among selected item(s)
This action removes empty MIDI takes/items, or MIDI takes/items limited to a single "All notes off" event (CC123)
• Remove ALL empty take/item(s) among selected item(s)
This action removes empty MIDI takes/items as well as takes/items without source, i.e. equals "Remove empty source take/item(s)" + "Remove empty MIDI take/item(s)"
• Move active take up (cycling) in selected item(s)
• Move active take down (cycling) in selected item(s)
• Close all floating FX window(s)
• Close all FX chain window(s)
note: also closes "add fx" window
• Toggle show FX chain window(s) for selected track(s)


ok, I've re-worked the "Build lane" action.

1) With external source files: "lanes" should now be always consistent whatever are take lengths, recording order, etc..

Crazy non-sense example mixing audio and (looped) midi takes:

=> "mess" after a recording session:

=> build lanes:

note: réaLisé sans trucage!

2) With in-project items: remains as before, best effort. That is to say: only the correct number of "lanes" is created, but the position of items within lanes is not always ensured. Though, it should be ok when re-recording or record looping over longer takes. New actions "Move active take (and only the active take) up/down" can help about that.

3) With mix of in-project items and items with ext. source files: best effort for in-project, while other lanes are always consistent.

what we mainly do here with these take actions: build lanes, tag bad takes (that really don't need to be re-listened to) with "Clear active take(s)/item(s)". Also after MIDI edition or recording (with the well-known auto splits), we clean the arrange with "Remove empty MIDI take/item(s)" but note that "Remove empty source take/item(s)" is an 'undo' for the "build lane" action.

I hope it's clear now.. Adam, captain !?
I've also a bit renamed these actions with better wordings (well I hope..)

@lawrs: close all floating fx windows is now OK

@egoplasma: I hope it's clear for you about key shortcuts now about the funky "add dlg": yeah, the "close fx chain action' also closes the "add fx" dlg, but "toggle show fx chain action" applies to it too ! fixed soon.

@tweed: some stuff for live perfs coming soon !

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