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Originally Posted by NextLevel View Post
Lookin' awesome!

Might be nice to have a mode that doesn't rely on transport play being engaged.

Will look into.

New update... A few tweaks and fixes.

+ ability to record the current modulator data in with a snapshot.

This only works on the PAGE snapshots - as the modulators are global - seemed pointless adding to a subset as it overwrites all the modulators.

This stores all the modulator info for all mods in each snapshot (when the right-click capture option is set). So understandably - if all your modulators have many steps (eg x128 step multiplier) - then you will be capturing a huge amount of data with every snapshot. Timewise this doesn't seem too much of an issue - the data is recalled in around 0.1 to 1 millisecond on my laptop) - but saving 100+ snapshots each with loads of modulator data will soon stack up memory wise and time to save wise...

Therefore - probably sensible not to have too many steps in the modulators - unless you have tonnes of RAM etc.
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