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According to the license agreement, (at least the way I read it) you are fully licensed through v6.99 if you purchased recently. I am too, and I bought my license a couple of years ago. Based on the fact that they do small version number changes regularly, and full version number very rarely, you are probably going to have a current license for another year or two. Best bargain in Pro Audio, hands down. I've already been current two years, and will probably remain so for another year or two. Amazing. I sure won't complain when my license expires and I need to renew.

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Yeah, I bit the bullet and bought Reaper a couple weeks ago. Of course they give you an extra version with your license, but I was initially wondering if I'd be buying a license for 5.x and 6 would be due out right away. Of course, these nice developers at Cockos give you a heck of a long life out of your license though! Will probably be at least a few years before I'm looking at a new license again.

Here's one of the Reaper 6 discussion threads that you might want to pop in and check out. There's some speculation and other talk in there:
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