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Originally Posted by jrk View Post
I've no idea. I guess Reaper uses regular system calls.
Bandwidth / throughput / latency would be something to check with the NAS vendor.

P.S. If you want to record a mix (render) while the tracks are recording you probably want to "Record Live Output to disk" (that's Ctrl-Alt-B by default)
You don't need to do a separate render step.

Although there will be a bunch of prompts waiting for you to save the files....
Unless you disable the prompt in Prefs.
This is interesting and a functionality I was unsure of. I'll look over the manual on this one because I was un-aware of that use-case.

I felt like I was clear enough. There's no need to articulate WHY I need, when it's just a question of reaper's core and networked use cases. Just thought maybe someone along the way thought of something similar.

If I can archive/save every nonsense lick for 10 years. Why not? If I use 3 machines to achieve it, so be it. Upgrade one machine every couple years. Let the others just work horse and store data. Do some wake-on-lan type configurations.
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