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Default mixdown using hardware console & Reaper

Can anyone give me a heads up here as im kinda stuck

Im using an Allen & heath gsr-24 console & not sure how to best set up Reapers routing for mixdown & mastering

Also im not sure whether to route via Reapers Master/parent send OR the hardware outputs ive been told it's best to turn Master / parent off

for mixdown ive been routing via the console & back into a stereo ch in Reaper with OK results

The problem im finding is that im pegging meters in the analogue chain & anything i place on Reapers Master bus within the project effects the analogue meters in a bad way unless i turn down the mix to a very low level

My mixing levels are not over loud OR ridiculous

Im sure this is just a routing issue that im not getting to grips with

Anyone that can help me here would be much appreciated

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