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Default I Logic

I LOGICV1.9 RELEASED Take the same Link as V1.7 ( zip call I Logic V1.7 But unzip inside v1.9 thanks

Updates V1.9
: Reduce high Transport bar and big toolbar
: Add 2 More buttons in Main Bar ,one to open/close Big Toolbar and one to open/close Mixer tool
: Add Small Mixer toolbar
: Add More midi toolbar buttons
: General Adjust
: NEW Mixer Top Meter Layout
: NEW Mixer Top Meter Bus layout
: Adjust Docker Mixer Layout At the same size of the other layout
: NEW Tcp Layout Neutral record Horizontal meter ( Minimal for recording )
: NEW Tcp Layout Neutral2 ( Minimal )
: Change selected track style
: Remove the widh Behind
: Fix samll detail

Updates V1.8.5
: Ajust FolderComp in Mcp
: New Button On Big Toolbars
: Adjust Meter Scale Vue
: New Docker Mixer Layout ( Mcp)
: New laptop Transport Bar For Smaller screen
: Button improvement for Tcp Folder track
: Remove and Clean some thing in rconfig and turn default all audio and midi setting

ATTENTION : V1.9 Not include the Touch Of light and NightView For the moment.. i will update soon thanks

Updates - - 1.8 Previous Updates
: Add Layout ''Neutral'' same as I logic free without icon
: Minor bugs fixed
: You have access in 3 choices of 3 Color theme 1:: Default 2:: Touch Of Light 3:: NightView ( Only some color change !! Not the Theme )
: Add : Other Small Transport bar For Small screen
: Back With Big Docked Master track ( Only For Docking Left or Right )
: Adjust Label in tcp (Bug report)
: Add Dual Knob In Mixer ( Request )
: Add Dual Knob In Tcp
: Add Green Vol Line in Mcp Send
: Tap Tempo Improvement
: Adjust Mcp label name ( number lost when you change name ) Fixed

PLS. Don't Forget to Report if you found some bugs !

DEFAULT Version without configuration ( No Big tool bar,No Tcp Add,Menu ,)

Drag and drop I logic V1.9 Into the folder Reaper theme or,just drag and drop on desktop Reaper icon
For small Transport bar to fit laptop , Open Reaper in main top menu go to View and select Screenset/layout Transport and change layout for Small Trans Finish


ATTENTION : Before importing the config,go on Reaper top menu choose preference and general.export your config (if you want a Future Backup ) And name it Default

After exporting,Return in reaper top menu preference,general and import I Logic V1.9 Config
That will give : Big toolbar ,Another Master,and Tcp Add Section. Easy

If you have an updates suggestion ...Please COMMENTS

Each Updates until V2 Will Free !!

If your not receive your update Send me a email.

Thanks For All of you ,to help me to do I Logic Theme better with your comments,suggestion and find the bug I missed

There is a LINK FOR DONATE >>>

After the donation I will send you the theme By email I dont care of the amount

Here a FREE minimal version :

Complete Version 1.9 scrennshots

Top Meter Layout

Neutral Minimal Record

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